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Trust Me Not by Author Ankita Verma Datta (Book Review)

Book details

Title – Trust Me Not
Author –Ankita Verma Datta
Genre – Fiction
Publisher – Jaico Publishing House
No of pages – 376

Main Characters – Kunal Kabi, Reeva Rai, Nihaal, Uttar, Mr. Thaper and Jaiswal

Other characters – Nandita, Shalini, Arunabh Roy

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The Book Blurb
Rising corporate star Reeva Rai is offered a prestigious position in a top-notch PR agency. It is the opportunity of a lifetime. But working with Enigmatic Billionaire Kunaal Kabi was not going to be easy. Even as she develops feelings for him, she is determined to prove herself.

But when an activist friend turns to her for help with a real-estate scam, Reeva has to make a high-stakes choice. Can she retain the credibility of her prominent clients while helping hundreds save their homes? As she digs deeper to find solutions, a nefarious scheme unravels with unexpected connections. A no-holds-barred race ensues, blood is drawn and Reeva is trapped in the eye of a political thunderstorm. If she succeeds, powerful people will have much to answer.

The Book Review
Reeva Rai, the young, talented and beautiful girl who works for an ad agency is offered a post in a top-notch PR agency. Little did she know that the guy she met in a wedding function is going to be her boss- Kunal Kabi. Kunal is a handsome, charming yet mysterious is instantly attracted to Reeva. When Kunal and Reeva start working together for their PR agency, their love takes a high rise. Nihaal, an equally good-looking guy and a colleague of Reeva is also secretly in love with Reeva.

The main plot revolves around the mysteriousness of Kunal’s personality and his involvement with Thapar and Jaiswal’s company and JBP party. There is an ongoing election and JBP party is one of the influential parties has already won many hearts of commoners. But there is a twist in a tale. Kunal and his entire team are trying to promote JBP party unaware of the fact that somebody from outside is trying to tarnish the image of JBP party.  Will they succeed to stop the cruel politico game? Will Reeva able to understand real nature of Kunal? This political thriller has a lot to offer but then with many loopholes and unnecessary twists.

Overall, I found all the characters extremely stereotypical. Shalini, one of the leads from the novel joins PR agency where Kunal is working. Kunal’s past belongs to her younger sister who commits suicide out of depression. This adds an unnecessary thread to Kunal’s character. Again, the love triangle between Kunal, Reeva, and Nihaal is again unnecessary. The novel gives vibes of typical spicy Bollywood movie.  

If the love triangle wasn’t enough, Nandita, a social activist has a biological connection with the rising and honest politician Mr, Uttar. Though the entire plot is well-worded and nicely written it lacked that oomph factor or excitement that I was expecting while reading the politico thriller. It neither excited me nor it bored me as well.

During the entire plot, the author maintained nice pace and the mystery of Fixer, an unknown character only to unfold until the reader reaches the few pages of the novel.

Overall, the novel is a decent plot and the readers who are a fan of Bollywood masala would really enjoy the novel – given its various angles.

Yes, the novel is definitely a one-time read and is a nice try by the author to mix politics and romance together. And the result is if not impressing but satisfactory  for sure!

The Best Part
The author’s simple writing style make all the angles fall into right place. A decent vocabulary gives a reader a literary feast.

The No-So Good Part
If the author would have reduced the love drama between Nihaal, Reeva, and Kunal, the novel would have become much better as there are already enough angles to chew on.

Writing style
Simple and intriguing!

The book cover and the title
I found the cover interesting yet misleading. At first, I thought it’s a horror story but then the description said political thriller and then I could connect the dots between the cover and the description given on the cover. The title is apt. After reading the plot, the title gives justice to the story.


About the author

Ankita Verma Datta is an Economics graduate from Mumbai University and is trained in advertising communication and marketing. Trust Me Not is her debut novel and she intends to continue writing socio-political thrillers with current relevance in future too. She writes to evoke and entertain.

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Men and the Dreams in the Dhauladhar by Kochery C. Shibu (Book Review)

Book details

Title – Men and Dreams in The Dhauladhar
Author – Kochery C. Shibu
Genre – Fiction
Publisher – Niyogi Books  
No of pages – 283

Main characters – Nanda, Khusru and Rekha
Other characters – Aayesha, Katarina

The blurb
A Hydel project in the remote HImalayas- three people brought together by fate.

Nanda an engineer from Kerala at the dam construction site, hiding from his past, from the law, torn between the love for his dear ones, and the kalari code of revenge.

Khusru, a youth displaced from his native village in Kashmir, a gambit in the terror plot that threatens to blow up the dam, working as a labourer at the site.
Rekha, a kathak dancer at heart, a doctor by profession, arrives at the campsite as the consort of Khusru.

A village that accepts the dictates of modernity with a heavy heart, its population steeped in superstitions and religious beliefs.
All throng the campsite like moths to a flame, some escape untouched,successful;some miss a step and perish. each has a story to tell and a dream to realise. Men and Dreams in the Dhauladhar is about the aspirations of these people, with their cares and worries woven to the site life. The fury of nature and hardships of project life have no mercy for the weak and no time for the dead.

Like an eternal spectator the Dhauladhar watches as men risk their lives and limb in the quest to fulfil their dreams.

My review
The book blurb gives an idea that it’s a story of 3 main characters and the whole novel has been woven around them. No, not this book has one story to tell but dozens of characters and their stories, their dreams, aspirations and more. I would say author Kochery C. Shibu has done a wonderful job by writing his first-ever novel.

His detailing in each character, their background, the geography of each place shows that the author is well-read, well-travelled and extremely knowledgeable. Definitely, writing a novel of 283 pages has taken a mountain of work for him but the outcome is really impressive.

Just like any other writer, the author starts his story with a suspenseful beginning that keeps intriguing you why Nanda, the first protagonist of Men and Dreams in the Dhauladhar is hiding and running from one place to other.
In Men and Dreams in the Dhauladhar, prime characters like Nanda, Khusru and Rekha play an important role but its very impressive that the author has taken a lot of efforts to build the historical background first before introducing the character.

Each character has its own story to tell. Be it Rekha, Khusru or Nanda, one can relate with their own life. I would not spoil the joy by telling the end of it. Overall, I am impressed with the author’s multi-faceted knowledge but I could not keep up the pace with the story as the author continues to introduce too many new characters in between that I used to lose my interest in between.
While I appreciate the author’s efforts and the story is nice but giving too much information and introducing so many characters can make an interesting novel a drag one.

Writing style
It’s simple, detailed and it reflects that the author was well-prepared while writing his drafts. His writing shows his observatory skills and reflects immense knowledge of everything.

The good Part
The well-written descriptions of the people and places!

The not-so good part
Too many characters can wear you out while reading it.

The book cover and the title
The cover is intriguing and thoughtful. The sight of snowy mountains is desirable. These mountains represent a man’s tall aspirations and raising expectations from life. The cover makes you ponder about what it like to be inside the pages. Yes, the title is also very apt. men and their dreams go with Dhauladhar. The range of mountains that keep attracting throngs of people to live, struggle, and learn so many things from the mountains. But at the same time, the mountains are hard rock and they don’t have time to think to mourn or share sorrow but stand tall against all odds when men hammer them with no mercy!

My Rating 4/5
It is recommendable to all the readers who love to go high or looking up at the mountains!

About the author

Kochery C. Shibu graduated from the prestigious National Defence Academy, Khadakwasla, in 1981. He has served in the Indian Navy and commanded two warships. Men and dreams in the Dhauladhar is his debit novel. The technical content of the novel, namely the setting up of a hydro-project is drawn from his experience in these projects, as are many of the characters inspired from those whom he encountered on site.

Kochery C. Shibu was born in Kochi and now lives in Bangalore with his wife and daughter.  

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The Temple Bar Woman by Author Sujata Parashar (Book Review)

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Book Details 

Title – The Temple Bar Woman
Author – Sujata Parashar
Genre – Fiction
Publisher – Vishwakarma Publications
No of pages – 220

Main characters – Radhika Kumari Choudhary, Rakshit Singh, Habiba Khan, and Vikram Pratap Singh

Other characters – Jhumki (A Sex worker at Temple Bar) Mala (Habiba’s maidservant) Neer (Rakshit Singh’s daughter), Pramod Chauhan (Head of People’s Party)

The Book Blurb
Rakshit Singh, a young and upcoming politician, encounters a rebellious Rani aka Radhika in an upscale brothel, Temple Bar. Intrigued by Rani’s personality, he wants to know more about her. Radha tells him that she was found by the brothel owner in a semi-conscious state and that she has lost her memory.
Distressed by her plight, Rakshit asks her to be the governess of his motherless daughter, Neer. What Rakshit does not know is that Radha is using him to avenge herself against the man who destroyed her life.

Fraught with danger, daring, and deceit, this racy novel recounts a tale of love, loss and loyalty in lives that are curiously entwined with one another.

My review
Radha aka Radhika Kumari Choudhary is a school teacher who is enthusiastic about life and lives with her father in a small village called Anhoni. All is normal with her life until that unfortunate night where she gets gang-raped by Vikram Pratap Singh. If that wasn’t miserable enough, she gets dumped by Vikram and his friends at a brothel where Habiba Khan takes care of her.

However, Rakshit Singh, an upcoming politician get intrigued by her plight, asks her to be his daughter’s governess. Radhika aka Rani after the tragedy turns out to become a stronger than ever woman whose life’s motive is only to take revenge from Vikram who has destroyed her life. Luckily, she gets a second chance through Rakshit Singh to avenge but not all rape survivors are as lucky as her. How she takes her revenge? How Habiba and her son help her to take her revenge is worth-knowing. For that, you should buy this novel and know whether Radhika becomes successful in her plans. 

The story is completely written in a filmy style and is inspired by Nirbhaya case. I was quite intrigued by the title and the cover of this novel. However, I got disappointed as the moment I started reading first 1-2 pages of the novel and I realized the story is extremely predictable.

While I appreciate the author’s efforts that she wanted to shed a focus on lives of those unfortunate rape survivors but not all are lucky as the lead character in this novel. At the beginning of this novel, the author has dropped so many hints that one could figure out what the story is all about. For an instance, the novel has been attributed to those who have suffered from sexual assault and rape and secondly, the cast revealed by the author gives you an idea about the plot.
The end of the story is quite a Bollywood style that the female lead finally gets justice.

The character of Habiba Khan is beautifully depicted that one can actually imagine her. However, other characters lack juicy details. Radhika has been portrayed has fierce and fearless in order to accomplish the story. The characters do not have a solid base where I could not make out whether they are 15 years old or adult enough. For example, Radhika works as a school teacher at her father’s school but needs to take permission from her father to visit the village fair.

Another fact that disappoints me that Rakshit Singh who loses his wife due to some ailment, visits a brothel. 

Overall, the story fell to impress me or grab my attention. The story has a lot of loose ends. The author could have written in a much better manner in order to make this story a gripping one as the theme was strong enough.

The Best Part
I liked the way the author has described the plight of women who forcefully get into flesh trade and how their lives become miserable and choice-less. Characters like Habiba, her son Arif and Radhika have been portrayed nicely.

The Not-So-Good Part 
The story has countless loose ends. The characters fell to have a grip on a reader’s mind and the usage of words is very limited. The story could have been spiced and peppered with the rich vocabulary.

Writing style
Very simple writing style and does not have a rich English vocabulary.  

The book cover and the title
The book title is extremely intriguing and justifies the story theme. The book cover is okay. The sunrise indicates that the sooner or later the female lead overcome her obstacles to become as fierce as the sun itself.
My rating – 3/5
It’s a one-time read and I would recommend this novel just for a change.

About the author


Sujata Parashar is an Indian novelist, short-story writer, and a poet. She has written seven books so far including a poetry series and a short story compilation.  

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Saturday, February 3, 2018

Interviewing the author of The Jasmine Bloom – Mr. Rajat Narula

A writer will remain a writer all his life. No matter how many obstacles come in their life but the writer’s story sooner or later come out of a dream to become a reality. The US based author Rajat Narula’s story is somehow very similar. 25 years later when his picks up his writing skills, he knows he is ready to bloom as a writer. Today, I got a chance to interview with The Jasmine Bloom’s author Rajat and here are the excerpts from the interview:  


Tell our readers about your background & how did you get into writing?
I wrote my first poem, as well as my short story, at the age of 13.  My poems started getting published, when I was about 18.  Around that time, I started writing a fortnightly column for a local newspaper, and wrote for about six months.  The appreciation I received for it gave me confidence that I could write well.  It was at that point, I knew I wanted to write a full-length novel. 
However, life intervened.  I was studying to be a chartered accountant, it demanded all my time, and I gave up the writing. 
Over 25 years later, after reconnecting with an old friend over Facebook, the talk turned to writing.  I wrote a chapter, showed it to family and a couple of friends.  They liked it.  And I decided to pursue my childhood dream, in whatever dregs of time I could find.  That’s how ‘The Jasmine Bloom’ was born.
I continue to work full time (I work for World Bank, based out of Washington DC), and write in my spare time. 

Which writers inspire you for writing?
My list of favorite writers is long.  It includes Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Salman Rushdie, Amitav Ghosh, Khaled Hussaini, Emma Donoghue, Jeffrey Eugenides, and Kazuo Ishiguro However, one writer, whose style I really admire, and would love to write like her, is Jhumpa Lahiri. Her uniqueness is that she evokes emotions without being melodramatic. 

Where do you get ideas or inspiration for your writing?
The inspirations are all around you. People you meet, news you read, movies you watch, books you read, random conversations you overhear, sights you see, places you visit - all these things remain within you. Sometimes they percolate for years, enmeshing with other ideas and thoughts and a story begins to take shape.

What genre you enjoy the most while writing novels?
I like everyday stories about everyday people.  No fantasies, paranormal or space journeys for me.  I love exploring the inherent grayness of people.  Human beings have in this innate capacity of being good and bad both. I like working with life-like, flawed characters, and see what they can be like in different situations. 

I also like exploring relationships: lovers, spouses, siblings, parents-kids, and so on.  The intricacies of relationships and how they change with passage of life is also a subject of my enormous interest. 

What was the inspiration behind your recent book?
Many years ago, I watched a Harrison Ford movie called 'Random Hearts'. In the movie, Ford's wife dies in a car crash, along with the Senator for whom she worked. After her death, Ford finds out she and the Senator were lovers - and she was thinking of leaving Ford. Senator's wife finds out too and the movie was about their coming to terms with that truth. Ford and the Senator's wife also have an affair and so on. The concept of finding out about your partner's infidelity after he/she is gone fascinated me. I thought what if the situation was reversed. If the husband was the one who having an affair and the wife (who died) knew about it, but didn't confront him, while she was alive. After her death, when the husband finds out that she knew, how hard it would be to deal with that guilt. When the person you want to apologize is gone. That was the kernel of the story of 'The Jasmine Bloom'. Of course, it needed a lot of development, fleshing out the characters, introducing children in the mix, a potential corporate fraud and so on to make it an engaging story.

What does your family think of your writing?
My wife and daughters have been very supportive.  They are my first readers, and give me candid feedback on my writing. My mom (78 years old) and hasn’t read a book for the past thirty years, is currently reading my book, and is also giving me an interesting feedback.   

Can we expect your next writing stint & if yes, what & when?
I am currently working on my second novel, tentatively titled, ‘Azalea Heights’, which is based in United States. The central theme of the book is the inter-ethnic tensions and clash of cultures in US, particularly in the post-Trump world. Instead of one protagonist, the book has five! I am currently on my fourth draft and expect to complete the book this year.  Of course, there is a big gestation between completing the book and seeing it in print. If I am lucky, that process may get finished in one year, so that would mean 2019.  If not, it can be longer. 

Lastly, what writing tips you’d like to give to budding writers? 
First: Persist. I see several people starting, but then losing steam midway. It doesn't matter how good or bad your first draft is, but it is important you finish what you start. There is plenty of time, after the first draft is completed, to further improve the book. But the most important thing is to finish it.

Second: Write the best book you can. I finished the first draft of 'The Jasmine Bloom' in 18 months but it took me another 42 months to ‘complete’ it. I understand there are shortcuts available (self-publishing, editors) and the quality of writing of some of the bestsellers in India isn't quite the best, but you still want to give it your best shot. The book may be a hit or a flop, but you won't want your name to be associated with a shoddy, half-baked product.

Three: Don't write what you think can sell in the market. Write what you want to write. The story you think you can tell the best. For example, if college romance is what selling in India currently, doesn't mean you must write one too. If that's the story that you have in you, then of course! But if you have another story to tell, go ahead and tell your story. That way your truth will make the writing stronger and the readers will relate with the book.

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The Jasmine Bloom by Rajat Narula (Book Review)

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Title – The Jasmine Bloom 
Author – Rajat Narula
Genre – Fiction
Publisher – Srishti Publishers & Distributors
No of pages – 225

Main characters – Sameer, Kavita, Ritu, Pari, Tania
Other Characters – Ammaji, Harmeet, Imran

The Blurb
Sameer Chadha lives with his wife Kavita and two adorable daughters named Pari and Tania. Caught in a mid-life crisis, he is unhappy with everything. His corporate career is languishing and is increasingly alienated from his family. His wife Kavita is a part-time poet and a homemaker who dwells in her past all the time whereas Sameer gets carried away with one of his colleagues, Ritu.

When their lives collide with Ritu, a married woman coping with her abusive husband and an autistic son, a chain of events gets triggered that throws everyone’s life into the unstoppable whirlwind.

My Review
The Jasmine Bloom is an extremely impressive and descriptive novel written by very talented author Rajat Narula. The story is about love, lust, complicated relationships, loss, pain and an unquenchable thirst for happiness in life. It is a commentary on the fragility of modern family life and an eye-opener that how our unfulfilled desires can wreak havoc on everyone.

The plot is not something unusual but the author’s writing skills are simply flawless and impactful that grabs your attention until the last of the page of the novel.

The author has left no stone unturned describing each character painstakingly that one could actually imagine each one of them. Pari’s bubbly and cheerful behavior, Tania’s typical teenage character, Kavita’s sensitive side as a poet and a dedicated homemaker and amma as a maid, each character are portrayed so well that you could marvel at the author’s impactful descriptive writing.

With that same grace and ease, the author has managed to turn this simple story into an irresistible feast that keeps a reader at a continuous pace.

Each character has his or her own story that you could relate them in your real life. It usually happens when the romance trickles down and adultery enters in a modern man’s life when he is burdened with so many things at a time. The author daringly brings forth the stark reality of modern man’s life where he never seems to contend with his life. Kavita’s indifference, Sameer’s incapability of balancing life and career and vulnerability of involving in adultery and Ritu’s easy way to escape from harsh realities of life and getting involved into an extra-marital affair seems absolute reality that one could find easily these days.

Yet the author maintains suspense at the end, letting the reader seep into the lives of these characters. Through the characters like Pari and Tania, the author smartly conveys how adultery or fickle decisions are taken by adults impact children’s lives.

All it takes one wrong action to get into a whirlwind of troubles that soon become never-ending. Sameer and Ritu’s immature decisions not only jeopardize their families but force them to repent all their life.

One of the scenes from the Jasmine Bloom reveals how adultery can go to such extent where a man and a woman are not bothered by anything. When Sameer’s wife Kavita suffers from a heart attack at home, her daughter Tania frantically tries to call Sameer but he is busy having sex with Ritu. This is one of the scenes that make your heart cry in pain. 

Rajat’s effortless writing and narrative style leave you astonished as he sums up the story with a shocking end. 

I strongly recommend this novel as the author’s impactful writing and narrative skills will leave your jaw drop for sure.

The Best Part
An excellent and dramatic narration, extremely well-depicted characters and well-written scenes

Not so Good Part
Ritu’s decision of keeping baby from her extra-marital affair seems unconvincing and makes you question is this how Indian marriages are supposed to be.

Writing Style
Rajat Narula’s writing style is easy breezy. The story flows in an effortless manner and nowhere in the story, one could lose the direction. His descriptive writing is simply admirable. Below are few paragraphs from The Jasmine Bloom that shows how painstakingly minutest details have been captured by the author:

“Don’t know.” She shrugged her bony shoulders. She hugged him standing up on the sofa, without taking her eyes off the TV. 

Tomato paneer, black daal, and rice lay steaming on the table. A dollop of butter melted slowly on the daal. There was a bowl of cucumber raita and the lidded box for rotis.

 They were a few feet away when Tania lifted her head and his eyes met hers. In that moment, everybody else ceased to exist. Aditi vanished, Shruti and Avantika also. The angry cafeteria lady and her two assistants too. It was only him and her. And then they looked away and everything returned to normal. 

The book cover and the title
The title is apt given its frequent references in the story. The book cover is not that appealing. However, they say, ‘Never judge a book by its cover’ and so is the story of The Jasmine Bloom. You will not be disappointed with the story as the author takes you for a whirling ride of emotions.

My rating 4.5/5 
I strongly recommend this book for its impactful storytelling and descriptive writing style. The novel ruthlessly sheds a light on our fickle modern relationships and it is totally worth your time and money.

About the author
Rajat Narula is a lead financial management specialist at The World Bank. His several articles and poems have been published in renowned newspapers and has won the Fairfax District award in USA for his poetry. He has worked and lived in India, Indonesia and USA.

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Saturday, January 6, 2018

When Love Happens by Manish Kumar (Book Review)

Book details

Title – When Love Happens
Author – Manish Kumar
Genre –Fiction
Publisher – Srishti Publishers & Distributors   
No of pages – 138

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The plot
Love can cause a life-long impact on someone’s life and it can change a direction of his/her decisions. It can impact on career, personal and professional life. It reflects in When Love Happens plot written by Mr. Manish Kumar. Nish falls in love with his classmate named G who belongs to a conservative family. Nish becomes very serious about his love towards her but she does not promise him anything. Though she keeps in touch with him during all these years. However, it badly affects Nish’s life but he tries to fight his obstacles by being determined.

At the end, G gets married to someone else as she does not go against her family whereas Nish throughout all these years fights odds and tries to become a stable person and focuses on becoming a writer. Eventually, he ends up becoming an IT engineer and a part-time writer.
Everyone falls in love and fall out too and it is just another love story with an extremely mediocre plot. It fails to hold a grip on reader’s mind. The characters are also very mediocre in nature. The author wanted to express his personal experience story and how he fought throughout all his life but I fail to understand when and how he became mighty enough to fight his struggles. Till the page number 90, I could read same storylines again and again when the author says,’ I tried to focus on my life goals and become strong.’ But how many times?

The story has poor incidents with disinterested dialogues. Author has highlighted some of the incidents in his real life that took place but they are not at all entertaining and interesting. There is this one character called Chutki keeps saying,”Kya hai?”. The incident is poorly depicted.

lYes, the Love story is decent and could have been better if the author has narrated the story in the more interesting way. He could have peppered the story with rich words, great vocabulary and interesting lines.

Though I appreciate author’s efforts and genuine but the story miserably failed to impress.

Writing style
Very simple language and lacks rich words.

Book title and book cover
The title and the book cover is apt.

My rating

About the author
Manish Kumar lives in Bangalore and has been working with IBM for the past five years. He is fond of riding bikes and traveling to natural destinations. This is his first published book.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Unlikely Tails by Author Mani Padma (Book Review)

Book details

Title – Unlikely Tails
Author – Mani Padma
Genre – Fiction
Publisher – Creative Crowns Publishers LLP

No of pages – 125

To buy this book, visit Amazon or Flipkart 

My Review
Mostly, short stories contain in depth meaning of life that we usually miss out in lengthy novels. In fact, short stories can be quick breezy read for us especially when we have busiest lives and they can quickly freshen us up by infusing us good literary fodder.  Recently, I was chosen to review this book – a collection of short stories by Mani Padma and I am glad that I read it.
The short stories have been beautifully written, depicting agonies of life, dejectedness, rejection, horrifying facts and more. It is a perfect compilation of juices of life as our life is bit of a mystery, fear, hopelessness, and everything. The author Mani Padma has done fabulous job by complying all human emotions and neatly weaving into several short stories so one can enjoy the spice of life.

There are total 17 short stories and each is different from one another. Harmony is the story of a singer who has lost interest in music only to spend his days, full of dejectedness. But life has other plans for him when a girl comes to reside in his neighborhood area who was also tackling with her own problems. The author unfolds the mystery behind this short story at the end of it by telling after losing his sight in an accident how harmony enters in his life in the form of this lady singer, leaving him some space for hope.

‘Connections’ is yet another masterpiece by Mani Padma and is mysterious in many forms. The young lead in the story is willing to meet her mother who many years ago left her behind with her dad. Every time she talks about her mother, her dad opposes to her plans. But the young girl always has plans to run away from home and every time she discusses with Mr. Devraj’s personal assistant. However, this time her plan goes terribly wrong, leaving the PA in a shock when he receives news committing suicide.

 ‘Subjiwallah’ is a story for those who love reading horror or suspense. ‘Breakfast’ is a story about a woman whose marriage is completely loveless and seeks some excitement and entertainment out of her marriage but then at the last moment she changes her mind and decides to remain true to her husband.

‘Mamma’s house’ talks about a young girl who grows only to live in the past where she keeps chasing to fulfill her mother’s old dream. She feels her childhood home has always been close to her mom’s heart but time changes and so her mamma. However, the young girl never quits and pursues to buy mamma’s old house once she grows up only to make her mom surprised. At the end, mamma’s house remains no longer hers but belongs to the young girl as she continues to live in the past whereas her mamma has long before left the memories and attachment behind.

‘In Pursuit of Fame’ sheds a light on how parental pressure can disturb a little one’s life. ‘The Perfect Plan’ is a story about meticulously planned murder and the human’s creep psyche.

I won’t reveal all stories’ ending as you should enjoy this book which oozes human emotions flawlessly, giving you a chance to reflect and peep into your own life.  

The Writing Style
Mani Padma’s intriguing writing style holds a grip on reader’s mind, leaving him/her amazed with each story’s mysterious end. The author’s good vocabulary reflects in her writing style.

The Book Cover & the Title
I couldn’t understand what does the book cover wants to indicate at but the content inside it is good and that is what matter. After all, never judge a book by its cover. The title does give the justice to the stories as they are mostly unlikely heard, told or written ever.

My Rating
Yes, I totally recommend this book to every book reader who enjoy short stories as much as they enjoy long stories. Although it’s her solo debut, she has done absolutely good job by making it one entertaining read!

About Author
Mani Padma is the author of Unlikely Tails - A Compilation of Short Stories. She has worked as an Executive Editor for online magazine Fried Eye for 5 years. She is originally from Assam but now is based in Delhi.
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