Sunday, June 11, 2017

I am happy when… (Short Story)

It was drizzling outside. The raindrops formed on my glass window. The rain turned patchy roads into muddy ones & pale yellow trees into green & happy ones. As soon as the rain started, children ran outside to play. Soon drizzling stopped & heavy rains started. There was no sight of crows & sparrows. Perhaps they took shelter in one of the corners of abandoned houses or broken trees. Who knows? The rains literally drenched everyone but quenched everyone’s thirst when all were bearing the scorching sun all summer. Weren’t we? 
I am happy to see when the rains arrived after a long wait. The sight of screaming children in excitement; the pale trees getting revived again; & almost every creature wouldn’t have been so much happy to welcome the rains. 

The rains make me happy. I am happy when my usual cold coffee is replaced with hot, steaming tea with onion pakoras. I am happy when I can make an excuse to go outside & enjoy getting wet in the rain & complain how the rain poured all its water on me. I am happy that I can see the refreshing view of the buzzing city from my balcony. 
It makes me happy how the rains change everything. The coolness of the rains wins over the heat of the sun. The cool breeze, the pattering of the rains; makes the rain welcoming. The climate quickly changes allowing me to feel the coolness of the rains and warmth of the thick blanket. I suddenly want to wrap a blanket around myself making me tingle. The rains really surprise me in many ways. 

At first, I want to please my eyes with the soothing feeling of the rains and the very next moment I want to embrace the warmth by ordering a hot cup of tea. Rains make up my mind & allow me to settle my mood for good.
The Mumbai rain has a special charm that makes me happy even when the roads are muddy or the transport is slow-paced. I am happy when the rains make me take it slow when I am walking on the roads or sipping the coffee. The rain slows down everything - the pace of life as if allowing you to cherish every moment, every happy moment. 
I am happy when the rains tell me to take it slow, one at a time! 

And especially when I stumble and fall down & that make me laugh on myself! 

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Friday, May 12, 2017

Unns The Captivation by Sapan Saxena (Book Review)

Book details

Title – Unns The Captivation  
Author – Sapan Saxsena
Genre – Fiction
Publisher – Inspire India Publishers
No of pages – 244

Main characters – Arthava Rathod, Meher Qasim

The Plot
Arthava Rathod and Meher Qasim are schoolmates. They soon fall in love with each other but Meher’s parents’ disapproval makes her fall out of love. Without giving any proper explanation to Arthava, she leaves for Germany. She breaks every contact with him and with her other schoolmates but the destiny has different plans for them.

After 15 years of gap, Arthava meets Meher in Germany while he was on the RAW mission. He easily falls for her while he is on a critical mission and from there on the story tumbles down like a deck of cards.

Will Meher reciprocate to Arthava’s love after many years while he is in Germany? Are they meant to live life together & forever? What makes Meher take such decisions in her life that she betrays Arthava? Is the story about betrayal and revenge?

To read the complete story, buy this book from Amazon. 

My Review
The story is about seven stages of pure love where even revenge is considered a stage of love. Arthava and Meher are school sweethearts but her parents’ disapproval comes between in their love story and she leaves for Germany. After 15 years, Arthava meets meher in Germany and he once again falls in love with her. While I appreciate the author’s attempt to create a unique story but the story could have been better if the author has simplified it instead of making complicated. 

Why would RAW officer fall in love with a girl after 15 years? Was the RAW training inefficient for him to keep his emotions in control? Why is Meher personally involved in taking revenge against her own country when she was academically brilliant? What drives her so crazy that she does evil things in the novel?

Arthava gets imprisoned for many years and still does not learn his lesson not to believe Meher Qasim? Though, the story ends with a good ending but why so many complications?

I liked the fact that the author has gone beyond the usual imagination of love story to create a simply unique story but somehow the story got loose ends that made me cringe rather than captivate.

However, I need, to be honest, that I liked the story with a good twist and the book is not entirely unreadable.

The Best Part
The plot is intriguing with many twists and turns yet with some loose ends. 

      The Not So Good Part
     The story could have been better if suspense-filled events in the  story would have corrected and simplified.

The Writing Style
Author’s writing style is very simple. One can easily follow the plot.

The Book Cover & The Title
The couple walking in the rain holding an umbrella reminds me Nargis and Raj Kapoor’s scene. The cover instantly gives a hint that it’s a love story. Hence, no complications with the book cover’s design. 

The title Unns is apt as the author attempts to describe the seven stages of love – Aqeedat, Ibadat, Junoon, Maut etc. The love in many ways is captivating, however, I don’t know whether the story is captivating or not. I leave that question for the readers to decide.

My Rating
For those, who would love to experience the Junoon of love!

About the author
Sapan Saxsena is a software engineer by profession and the author by choice. Currently based in Nashua, New Hampshire, he is the author of the highly acclaimed Finders-Keepers.

To follow this author, visit his Facebook.

'I received a copy from Writersmelon in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.'

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